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*These above results are our results... and we've worked very hard to acheive them. These results are not typical, and you have to be willing to get OFF the couch, and work HARD to create success if you really want it.*

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From: Jonathan Budd & Mark Hoverson, Two Regular People Who Have Made A Fortune In Network Marketing From Pay-Per-Click Advertising.

Subject: It's just darn right UNFAIR how simple it is to make money from PPC...

     Look, I’m going to be very very frank with you here. In the last 3 years of creating a multi-million dollar business from scratch on the Internet, I have learned that NO marketing tactic on the planet can compare to the PHENOMONON that is Pay-Per-Click Marketing. Absolutely nothing...

     And it is most DEFINITELY a Phenomenon. Figure that...

     In less then 5 minutes you can have expertly crafted ads you only PAY for when a prospect wants to know more, in front of the micro-targeted & often 'Custom Tailored' people you’re looking for, to the tunes of TENS of thousands of eyeballs on a daily basis...

     All resulting in NEW LEADS endlessly funneling back to your business, creating new distributors, sales, and income, that will NOT STOP until you tell it too.  In fact, once established, this level of growth runs almost entirely on Autopilot.

     Frankly my friends, it’s safe to say it has never been this easy for virtually ANY man, woman, or child to walk into network marketing right now and systematically build a business that does 6-7 figures per year, and does it like clockwork, relying solely on direct response marketing strategies that are PROVEN to work, time and time again.

     Guess where the VAST majority of all my traffic and leads come from?  Pay Per Click.

     Mark Built one of the fastest incomes our industry has ever seen, and has a passionately Successful team of thousands of people.  His team has earned him as much as $10k in a DAY before, without Mark lifting a finger... Guess where almost all of it has come from? 85% of all his recruits came from Pay-Per-Click marketing.

     I’ve got dozens of inner circle students who have studied our private strategies who make sales every day, sign up partners everyday, have huge growing lists, RAGING teams, co-ops, you name it…guess where most of it comes from? Pay-Per-Click.

     If it’s not obvious at this moment, PPC marketing is not just some pie in the sky concept you hear about...

     And if you’re not EXPERIENCING that, and tapping into the raw power ppc has to offer you, then you are frankly missing out on untold fortunes you could be earning, and the most systematic way to build a Legacy & get exposure our industry has ever seen.

     Not only that, you are missing out on the easiest way to get your team duplicating, and to experience the insane Leverage google and yahoo can offer your life...

     Mark told me some FLABBERGASTING facts the other day... things that made me just dumbfounded with how amazing they were.  Mark currently earns as much money as one person would who’s spending $25,000+ a month on advertising, yet he spends less than $30-50 a day.

     How is that possible? Because of the strategies he’s developed for getting his team to DUPLICATE, make sales, experience RESULTS, and often times get new business coming in their first week.

     This has led to a FEVORISHLY duplicating team that’s exploded underneath him, ALL because of Pay-Per-Click marketing.

     Mark literally went from FOODSTAMPS less than a few years ago, to after implementing many of the strategies we're going to be revealing to you for the first time in this Intensive, he now sits back and enjoys the benefits of a $25,000+ monthly ad bugdet fueled by his team with him spending less then $50 a day.

     There’s a very good reason why I decided to take a break from generating 400-500+ leads daily, give away what I've spent the last 9 months perfecting, and actually TEACH YOU the art of mastering our industries #1 money making skill.

     It's called empathy...

     After watching so many people SUFFER through the mondane & fruitless junk we've been taught, not knowing how to really execute on the mechanics of success that make lots of money, bumbling around trying to figure things out here and there, never really getting the mentorship they needed to just MAKE success in their lives happen consistently...

     Even worse, after watching people make silly mistakes that cost them thousands of dollars, or actually try marketing but they created the wrong ads no one clicks on, or pages that no one opts into, or messages that no one cares about...

     I finally decided to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT, and take a break from the hundreds of leads I generate daily to teach anyone who wants to learn how they can become a top 1% Money Earner in this industry... precisely how you can do it using PPC Marketing.

     Frankly, there are no two better people in the world who can show you how to reach the next level of your OWN evolutionary growth in business, walk you through being able to 'Hand Pluck' the perfect prospects you want out of google, and condition your brain to be like a 6-7 figure earner than Mark Hoverson and Myself.

     We have both MASTERED, at the highest level possible exactly how to do this, and we are going to make 100% sure that you are our protege, that you will be able to DUPLICATE exactly what we're telling you, and every purely outrageous money inducing skill set we have learned is going to be TRANSFERRED to you...

     Before I give you a complete breakdown of exactly WHAT you are going to be learning in this entire 8 week INNER CIRCLE coaching program, there are a few key points you need to understand about what we’re doing.

     First off, no one in our industry has ever, and I do mean EVER, coached people on the knowledge we are about to share with you.  These are the small little tweaks, upgrades, and discoveries I have had to BULLISHLY discover over the last 9 months that has allowed me to OUTRANK every single competitor I have in every single market. (for very competitive terms)

     In fact, I would bet you money today you couldn’t find ANOTHER PERSON in all of network marketing who has as much exposure, and is as visible as I am on the PPC search engines.  Try me on it, and you’re going to be shocked.

     In less than 12 months of implementing many of the strategies I’ve never revealed to ANYONE before, I was able to 300% increase the entire size of my business (meaning the money I make everyday), and 4-5x the amount of leads I generate daily.

*man it's really tough for me to convey how hard I worked to get where I am today, but trust me... I EARNED my success. These above results aren't typical, and you have to be willing to go for your goals BIG in life if you want the chance to experience true freedom...*

     The reason I’ve been able to do this is not obvious to most people.  In fact, most people will never figure this out, and that’s why it’s been so easy for me to climb to the top of ANY company I’m in, and turn ppc traffic into 4-5x more money than I’m spending for it.

     It’s this science I want to make sure YOU understand.  But more than that... I want to show you how to take my same exact formula, and go into any market you want on PPC... and use it to completely DOMINATE. (Resulting in potentially HUMUNGOUS cash flow.)

     Yet here is the REAL crazy part my friends... Not only am I going to show you exactly how I’ve created each of these results above, and how you can begin employing these IDENTICAL strategies into your own business now, but every single secret I’m going to show you is literally only HALF of this entire Intensive.

     You see, I’m the guy who can teach you the art of creating a ‘Million Dollar Funded Proposal’ business using PPC marketing, and show you exactly how I’ve done it.  But there is ANOTHER person who has done some things in PPC marketing that I’ve again, never seen ANYONE else do, and 100% COMPLIMENTS every single tactic you’re going to learn from me.

     And That Person Is, Mark Hoverson...

     Mark Hoverson literally went from qualifying for foodstamps, to building a $650,000+ year business for himself the first YEAR he got started in his company.



     Mark rose to be one of the top leaders, and income earners, almost instantly in this company.  In fact, he CRUSHED almost all his competition, taught his team how to crush them as well, and before you knew it his organization was blanketed across the entire net promoting his opportunity. (This is our EXACT goal for you...)

     He accomplished ALL of this using some of the darn near SICKEST Pay-Per-Click strategies I've ever seen on the web, and I've seen everything. Up until this Intensive, Mark has never revealed any of this to people outside of his team members.

     His team has then taken these exact strategies, and gone on to recruit THOUSANDS of people... with scores of his team members ALSO becoming top income earners and recruiters in their company.


Case Study #1: Scott Phares, Over 10 New Business Partners In Under 20 Days Using Mark's "NO Nonsense" Pay-Per Click Marketing Domination Techniques.

Scott is the PERFECT example of what happens when you apply the principles, concepts, and pure techniques we’ll be teaching you in this Intensive. He was one of those people who did nothing but LOSE money on adwords and turned into one of those ROCK STARS you hear about in MLM Magazines almost over night. 

Here is where you can listen to his personal story...


*Seriously folks, you can't expect to make this kind of money sitting around on the couch eating potato chips, Scott's results are not typical, and he actually had to use his brain and do some work to achieve his success.



Case Study #2: Dan Spranzy, Home Business NEWBIE Does Several Sales In First 3 Days With Adwords.

Almost ANYONE can relate to Dan’s story, as he came to Mark a complete newbie knowing NOTHING about online marketing or success in this industry.

After just a few measly WEEKS of this coaching, Dan has now learned a skill set he will be able to use to earn money for the rest of his life and has achieved amazing results. Listen to his story below...


*results not typical*

     Today, Mark spends less than $30-50 a day on PPC marketing, and is earning a small FORTUNE from his PRIMARY business, fueled almost exclusively through Pay-per-click.

     Mark has done something HISTORIC in the world of Online Network Marketing, and that's not an exaggeration. He's created a 'Formula' that virtually anyone that wants to be a top LEADER and earner can use to build a staggering walk away residual income, and a team of true CHAMPIONS... that will propagate across the whole web.

     Clearly you can see why I called Mark up, and basically DEMANDED he be a part of our 8 Week PPC ‘Inner Circle’ intensive series.  I am convinced that after you go through 8 weeks with us, in the TRENCHES, having us show you the complete “Ins and Outs” of pay-per-click marketing... NOTHING about your life will be the same.

     I am absolutely convinced that if you follow what we're going to teach you in our '8 Week PPC Mastery Intensive' to a TEE... that it will change EVERY facet of your life, and can rocket you into the leagues of other top income earners in this industry.

     I’ve watched it happen time after time again when you really KNOW and get the intimate secrets we’ll be sharing throughout this series.  It’s safe to say, this 8 Week intensive may be the very thing you’ve searched for your entire LIFE when it comes to creating true freedom in this industry, with two genuine mentors walking you through hand in hand how to create it.

Case Study #3: Mark Teztner, Floundered With 0 Recruits In 8 Months, Then Hired Mark Hoverson For Adwords And Brought In 4 New Platinum Business Partners In 7 Days.

Another example of a student who was struggling in the industry, not getting the support they needed, yet KNEW they could do it.

And after literally 7 days of the training we’re going to be sharing with you Mark's entire history of failure was eradciated, and his life changes. Here is his story...



*Mark's story is amazing, but not typical. Unlike most lazy people, he actually did the work he was told to do in order to create his success.


Case Study #4: Dathen Fairley, From Buying Useless Washed Up & Resold Leads To Generating More Of His Own, Then He Could Even Handle...

Seriously, Dathen’s story says EVERYTHING we could want to say, but even FAR MORE.  

Dathen found Mark literally at his wits end, and has had his life literally Flipped since stumbling across the mentoring you're going to receive. You have to hear his story...



*results not typical*


Case Study #5: David Dixon, 10-15 High Quality Leads Daily With NO Previous Experience & Coming In As Total Beginner.

David, like most intelligent network marketers, really understands that success in this industry is ALL about the quality of your lead flow.

Unfortunately before he found us good quality lead flow was NON existent for him. After a short period of time implementing our techniques he’s generating more leads daily then most networkers will talk to all month. Here’s his story...



*David's story is amazing, but not typical. Unlike most lazy people, he actually did the work he was told to do in order to create his success.


Case Study #6: Debbie Turner, After Spending $28,000 On BS Training and Getting 0 Results Debbie Turner Turns To Mark Hoverson, & 6 Days Later Calls Him Up Crying With Relief From Her Anguish...

I can imagine it would be an emotional experience to go from spending $28,000 online and getting NO WHERE to earning more new business in 6 days than you have in years. 

Well, that is EXACTLY what Debbie experienced after getting our expert insight into google adwords and the power of leveraging PPC traffic.  Here is her story...



*results not typical*


Case Study #7: Gabe Joseph, From Beginner Online Marketer To A Complete "Lead Commando", Signing Up New Team Mates All Month Long....

Gabe was VERY skeptical of Google adwords at first after hearing what happens to newbies who lack the direction & insights of how to be successful in this market.

However, his skepticism turned to an immediate JOY after Mark showed him the way and he cranked out his highest lifetime revenue ever earned in under 8 days. Here’s his story...



*Seriously folks, you can't expect to make this kind of money sitting around on the couch eating potato chips, Gabe's results are not typical, and he actually had to use his brain and do some work to achieve his success.

     Now, let me tell you about the details of what I truthfully believe is the most VALUABLE mentoring program that has ever, in the entire history of network marketing, been created. And I'm basing that off of PURE RESULTS of students in the shortest time periods possible.

     I’m whole heartedly convinced that the 'Pay-Per-Click Mastery' 8 Week intensive is bar NONE the fastest, easiest, and most powerful way for ANYONE to become a top 1% income earner in our industry. (I’m not kidding, I truthfully believe this with every cell of my body.)

     This is a NO HOLDS barred, 100% expose of ALL our marketing secrets.  Every single thing we currently do in our business to create colossal sized results will be revealed to you in a complete step-by-step format.

     The most powerful, most effective, and fastest marketing tactic there is out there will be de-mystified in front of your eyes... and you will clearly see EXACTLY how you can take $100 and turn it into leads, cash flow, and a FAST growing team.  And it's onwards and upwards from there...

     I’m guaranteeing that after you go through this 8 weeks with us you will be more advanced in this industry than most of the people out there who are actually EARNING 6 figures yearly... and you will have a skill set that is literally one of the most POWERFUL skills you could ever possess, yours to keep, for the rest of your life.

     The Pay-Per-Click Mastery 8 Week Mentoring Program is delivered to you strictly by Mark Hoverson and Myself, we teach EVERY class and there are NO substitutes.

     We will be personally leading you every single Monday, directly navigating you through the ‘Million Dollar’ territory that is pay-per-click marketing.

     Each session is going to be so overly filled with value, content, training, insight, and wisdom... that you will probably not be able to sleep over this 8 weeks due to sheer excitement.  Every session is recorded, and you will be able to watch it to soak up the golden knowledge again and again and again.

In this session you’re going to learn...

How to create your adwords account in less then 5 minutes, set up your FIRST campaign, skip over google's useless BS, and literally be ready to MARKET to millions of people.

A total explanation of the NEW google adwords interface, and ALL of the hidden ‘Gems’ buried inside that can mean
6 or 7 figures to your business.

How to organize your ad campaigns, ad groups, and keywords like the 'Mastermind' producers in our industry know how to do, so your adwords marketing is an efficient self sustaining MACHINE.

The secret to using google's 'reports' that will expose all the weak links in your marketing, and tighten up your profitability stronger then ever...

How to split test ads, ad groups, and keywords to always find the BIGGEST winning combinations that pull in CEO level income with the precision of scientist.

The secret formula I use to manage literally HUNDREDS of campaigns by myself, without needing to pay thousands monthly to over priced adwords consultants... and I do this while running all the other pieces of my business.

Golden discoveries I've unearthed inside the ‘campaign settings’ that can MAKE OR BREAK your business, and has the power to 150% increase your lead flow over night...

How to use the most ADVANCED tracking platforms that have ever existed in our industry, to literally turn your business into an easily controllable science experiment that spits out the results you want it to. Hint hint: google doesn’t just have ANAYLTICS anymore, they've recently added 2 more kids to the family that are even SMARTER then the last ones...

All of this plus far more...

Value: $297


In This Session You’re Going To Learn…

In the first 7-minutes, Mark is going to let the "cat out of the bag" on the REAL reason his team dominates PPC. Hint: it's not in the ad, or even the capture page. This "reverse-auditing" secret will turn your marketing upside down so it finally works. You will love it.

Discover how to write ads literally designed to "push people away", but still generate a 4% or higher Click-Through-Rate. Sound impossible? It's not. People who don't know this strategy end up paying for thousands of clicks from people who will NEVER BUY. Clue: if you don't teach this to your team, they will quit PPC in about 2 weeks.

Learn how to apply the subtle "Law of the Child." Tip: Mark uncovered this law while watching his 4 year old play. Then, he experimented with it online, and noticed people immediately responded to his marketing like catnip! Just try this stuff and you'll see.

Ever considered looking at PPC ads as symbolic art? Well, "heat-mapping" and "eye-flow" statistics scientifically prove there are certain ways to craft ads that actually yank people's eyes unto your ads even before they know what's written. Mark will show you what to do.

7 Sneaky Capture Page Tricks. Keeping everything identical, but adding just one of these has shown to jack up optin rates by 13%.

Taken directly from the strategy of world-class chess players, Mark divulges this advanced technique that has proven to literally double Click-Through-Rates & Optin rates at the same time. Tip: It's almost brain-dead common sense, but virtually No One knows it. You will never use PPC the same way again once you own this technique.

Value: $497


In this class you are going to learn...

Ethically steal Mark’s exact blueprint for how he can COMMAND attention in ANY adwords market, and can get a prospect to do almost ANYTHING once they enter his marketing funnel.

How to write ads that are simply AMAZING & will pull 5x the traffic then the guy or gal literally sitting right next to you, weeping over their losses.

The secret software we use to 100% LEGITIMATELY swipe all our competitors biggest money keywords, markets, niches, and ads... and then we’ll show you how we go into those same ‘money filled’ markets, perform better, and cash in on that market space no matter what niche we enter.

How to create original, compelling, and distinct ads different from what ANYONE else in the market place is doing. (hint, almost everyone in the ppc world is un original, and stealing other people’s creativity. Knowing Mark’s formula will allow you to be the EXCEPTION in every market…)

The secret strategy for getting into the mindset of EVERY searcher on the pay per click engines and how to speak to their ‘Hidden Psychology’... resulting in the EASIEST conversions and sales you will ever get.

Learn Mark’s secret ‘Fishing Spots’ and exactly what to put on the Hook that NO ONE can resist... and lures new distributors into your world like a seductive trance.

How to ethically and legally protect yourself as you cross recruit. Hint: other companies will have their lawyers send you scare letters, but as long as you follow these 3 rules, you will never be bullied, and have 100% peace of mind.

The "Home Depot & Lowes" illustration that warms your new, timid teammates into a fearless cross-recruiting army. This turns amateurs into pros almost overnight.


Value: $497


In this class you’re going to learn...

The secrets to spotting the LEADERSHIP within people, and recruiting the people who undoubtedly turn into hard core producers on your front line. (Its honestly strange how predictable this is when you know what to look for and how to deal with these individuals)

Sales funnel strategies to LEVERAGE your time, energy, & money before you ever get on the phone with a prospect... so that by the time you DO they are already serious about sending you money, and ready to join your team.

How to train your rapidly growing team so YOU benefit from their collective ad budget... and FAST. This has allowed mark to profit from a $25k monthly ad budget without spending more then $1-2k himself.

The secret strategies Mark has used that got his team duplicating FAST, and out producing ANY other team in the entire direct sales market place.  These strategies literally turned Marks’ organization into an internet wide force to be reckoned with.

What to do in the first 7 days of working with someone that sets them up for success, and grooms them to be a true WINNER in this industry rather then most people who just cry, whine, and complain about their life. (Note, this is absolutely KEY.  You need to do this to set the correct leadership mindset within your organization from the beginning, or your people will be wimpy whiners, and will never duplicate.)

Mark’s secret 'Weapon’ to get his team plugged into the most powerful tools and EASIEST downline growing training, so they start duplicating fast rather then slow like most most of the teams in our industry.

One secret insight to creating a fast start guide, and how to do it, that you’d honestly be AMAZED can make you so much money and shave off so much of the time you have to spend helping your organization to make money...

Ever notice how your teammates bounce from one opportunity to the next every couple months... leaving you feeling almost hopeless about building any true leverage? Finally, learn how to anchor your team's focus on brilliant marketing through appealing to these 5 deep inner longings...

Value: $497


In This Ground Breaking Class You’re Going To Learn...

Exactly how to get into the psychology of EVERY single person who enters a search term on the Internet, and craft your headlines to meet their EXACT wants, needs, and demands. This is like a conversion formula on STERIODS that few people in our entire world understand. Thus... we stuff ludicrous piles of money in the bank monthly.

The personal ‘Video Capture Page Recipe’ I use in EVERY single market I go into, that has increased my conversion rates as much as 200% in ruggedly competitive terrain.

Exactly what kinds of videos to make in your marketing, what to say, what players to use, where to put them, and EVERY other piece of information you need to know to make money like I do.

What to say in your ads, how to split test them, how to find the ones that are actually PULLING leads and sales, plus I'll show you the process to constantly keep your ads ABOVE your competition. (HINT: The highest click through rate on your ads is NOT always the best data to look out, there are several other factors that actually matter MORE)

How to use the secret software that’s been behind SO MUCH of my scientific success using pay per click. This software literally allows you to increase your lead flow 50%-200% in almost ANY market you go into.

The secrets to duplicating only your SUCCESSFUL, income-producing campaigns on Google into the Yahoo and MSN pay per click platforms.  This is like literally ADDING 30-40% more income into your business over night.

What you NEED to do to successfully monitor your campaigns, and make sure another ‘Hungry’ marketer doesn’t come into your territory and OVERTAKE your profitable positions. (Hint: you don't need to outsource this.)

Plus Far More...

Value: $497


In This Class You’re Going To Learn...

How to target the most profitable, the most precise, and the EASIEST keywords you can starting right now, so you can begin building your list literally OVERNIGHT.

How to get amazingly cheap clicks, literally GLIMMERING with gold due to the fact these prospects are looking for a leader, and someone to show them how to be successful.

The secrets to leveraging the marketing budgets of OTHER successful marketers, except you’ll only pay 10-20% of what they pay for the SAME exact prospect...

Learn how one of my students generated a $3,000 high ticket sale, netting $1000 commission, spending less then $18 in google through bidding on an UNTAPPED market, which I can show you EXACTLY where it is.

My strategies for being the FIRST to enter literally the HOTTEST markets as they are unfolding, to soak up the purely amazing traffic while its in its HAYDAY. (Hayday in this instance means most profitable timing)

Where to get a literal NEVER ENDING amount of keywords, ideas, and new markets to go into that give you endless possibilities and an almost cheating advantage over others.

The '4 main traffic generation secrets' using PPC that you MUST know and be taking advantage of... if you want to reach 400+ leads per day easier then most can create 10.

Plus one website I’ve used to find DOZENS of untapped, low cost, zero competition lead sources that continue to pummel my account with cash even as we speak...

Value: $497


In This REMARKABLE Session You’re Going To Learn...

The difference between a campaign that pulls like a DEMON in the search engines yet falls on its face like a drunkard in the content network. NOTE: You have GOT to structure your campaigns differently in content network to reap the endless easy money it contains.

My personal secrets to getting my ads to show up at the TOP of the search engines, without doing ANY search engine optimization, or paying even CLOSE to the cost of almost every other ad on the page... yet you’ll be getting the SAME exact traffic for 1/10 the price.

What the ‘site targeted’ function is, how the new adwords platform has made it STUPIDLY simple to take advantage of, and the BEST strategy in the world for how to do this. (Hint: results in amazing prices for clicks)

I’m going to show you my personal strategies for rolling out content network campaigns that generate me leads for less than a 1/3 of what I pay in the regular networks...

How to tap into the almost BAREN ‘Image Ads' on google, which has been a secret weapon to many of this industries BIGGEST EARNERS that I'm going to reveal to you…

How to set up a campaign in less than a FEW MINUTES, yet can pull leads, new recruits, and new money for 100x your time investment.

Plus TONS more content strategies I have personally never shared with anyone before.

Value: $497


In This Private Class You’re Going To Get...

Both mine and Mark’s undivided attention as we critique, analyze, and GUIDE YOU to being a Pay Per Click legend in your company.

Answers to any questions you have, so nothing goes unspoken and you learn everything you possibly can about being a 6-7 figure earner in this medium.

The ability to submit your ads, landing pages, ideas, or anything else you want us to look over for you, and give you personal coaching on.

Insights from questions other people are asking, so you can benefit from the COLLECTIVE growth, knowledge, and experience of the entire group as we deliver the solutions to whatever problems you're facing...

Plus much more that is guaranteed to arise in the moment...

Value: $497


     It is blatantly obvious the sheer profitability of each and everyone of the gold mines we’re going to be showing you over the next 8 weeks, and its undeniable the effect this can have on your life, and INCOME.

     However, we are not going to stop there.  You see, I love to reward leadership, and when I go all out... I GO ALL OUT.  For me, it’s incredibly important to reward the true leaders in our industry, and the people who really care about themselves enough to invest in their life and their true development as a REAL entrepreneur...

     And there is nothing more powerful than investing in an education from two of this industries most successful pay-per-click masters, who have AGREED to teach you everything they know.

     So I decided to do something that is honestly going to make you feel like a fool if you don’t choose to become part of the pay-per-click mastery 'Inner Circle' in the next 5 minutes... and that is give away some of the most AMAZINGLY Valuable bonuses you’ll ever see, which are EASILY worth MORE than the price of this entire 8 week coaching program itself.

     If you take FAST, Swift, and IMMEDIATE action on the opportunity I’m sharing with you right now, you’re also going to get...

Ok, this is seriously an ABSOLUTELY amazing hook up for the first 10 people who order. I’m going to give you an entire 3 months TUITION to our $997 coaching program… strictly as a bonus because you were smart enough to take fast action getting your hands on this course.

This is seriously the “Inner Circle”, and the knowledge that we’ve been sharing amongst this group is the Elite of the elite. We’ve been selling this program for $997 for the last year and half… and it’s yours FREE if you HURRY now.

Value: $997


For the first 20 people to order… we’re going to open the doors of our ‘Highest Level’ classes and let you gain access for an entire month free. I can guarantee in this month you’ll learn things you’d NEVER learn all by yourself, or would take you YEARS.

Again, this is a strictly limited offer available only for those who take action the FASTEST when getting your copy of ‘The Pay-per-click Mentoring 8 Week Intensive’.

Value: $333


Over the last year… google has made tremendous changes to their PPC advertising policies. Many marketers all over the industry have been shut down, and banned because of this… yet I and select groups of our private students haven’t been touched.

In this SPECIAL webinar, we’re going to teach you WHY, and what you NEED to avoid if you want to build long term businesses using Google and PPC marketing.

We’re also going to show you why it’s more imperative then EVER you know these strategies we teach inside our PPC mentoring intensive… because unfortunately many who went blindly into google with the “Wrong” knowledge have now lost their chance forever. (what’s best is that means there’s even MORE opportunity for you now if you know what you’re doing.)

Estimated Value: $297


This is where magic happens my friends. This is where moving and shaking goes on, connections are formed, and intimate information is shared. 

You’re going to be able to network with the other MOVERS and SHAKERS of this industry, the people who are REALLY serious about where they are going in life, and form KEY relationships all from being a part of our private 'Inner Circle Community'. Plus, there is going to be a wealth of interaction happening back here and LOTS of marketing brainstorming + firepower.

Estimated Value: $997


With this bonus we are granting you lifetime alumni access to this private community, so you can continue to network, share resources and information, and access any and all trainings anytime you need.

This will be a resource your pull from more than likely for the rest of your life...

Estimated Value: $797


The 7 Figure Networker System is BACK with more updated marketing fire power then EVER. Our members have been seeing record levels of success in their businesses as we’ve rolled out many new campaigns, features, and strategies within this system just in the last few months.

If you’re one of the first 100 people to get the PPC mentoring intensive today, you’ll get 2 free months of access to this system TODAY, just as a bonus. And trust me… the value of what you’ll learn from this ALONE is beyond priceless in both the direction and education you’ll receive.

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     Now, it’s extremely obvious that the opportunity we’re offering here today for you to enter into the ranks of the most ELITE of the ELITE marketers, the Masters who can command TOP Incomes on autopilot without flinching, is not something you’re going to get too many times in your life again. (if ever)

     There are no two people like Mark and I in this entire industry, who have ever taught these secret PPC strategies before.  The content, information, and techniques we’ll be revealing in this private 8 Week PPC ‘Inner Circle’ mentoring program are privy to less than a handful of entrepreneurs world wide, who have ALL used them to grow some of the most successful businesses in our industry.

     It’s safe to say, if you don’t choose to become a member of the beyond special inner circle we are assembling right now, you will probably miss your chance forever to have these tactics in your arsenal, and to use for your OWN celebrity like success.

     Knowing this, the only possible question left on anyone’s’ mind is... How much does it cost to join this elite group of marketers in freedom, and become a part of the Pay-Per-Click Mastery 8 Week ‘Inner Circle’ Intensive?

     Now, I don’t have to state the obvious here.  But it’s EXTREMELY evident what the information we’ll be sharing with you is MINIMALLY worth, and it's A LOT.

     You’re learning from two people, who have both become millionaires in this industry, living lives of TOTAL freedom because of the tactics we’re going to give away to you.

     When we originally sat down to determine a fair price to join us, and learn from us, in this historic marketing event… we easily realized $5,000 would be a fair price.  Many people have actually paid far more to learn profitable pay per click strategies from people who weren't making a fraction of what we do using PPC, and were 10x less credible to teach it.

     So $5,000 seemed like a fair price.  But Mark and I are just not like that.  Even though it's justified, we don't want that much money from our students like many other people in this industry would charge. We do this for a lot more reasons than money, and a CHIEF source of satisfaction we both now receive is in seeing other people become completely free...

     Mark travels all over the country with many of his team members, and the bonds they’ve formed are simply AMAZING.  You can’t do that if everyone is stuck working jobs.  The same thing goes for me... many of my students have become some of my best friends because we’re the only ones that can pick up and GO anywhere, and do anything, anytime we want.

     So Mark and I thought about charging a better price of $2,000 to join us during our total 'expose' of our ENTIRE PPC business models.

     I’m the type of person that TRUSTS my gut a lot of the times, and trusts my instincts.  On top of that, I’m the type of person who ALWAYS, 110% of the time, likes to DELIVER MORE VALUE than most people could ever expect they’d be getting.

     That’s just what makes me feel the best about my business, and the change I get to make in people’s lives.  And for this reason... I decided I would do something totally SHOCKING to most capitalists.  I decided I would KNOWINGLY lose over 50-100% of the money I could be making on such a rare event as the pay-per-click mentoring program we have put together here...

     Instead of charging $2,000 for this coaching program, which it is EASILY worth, we decided to make it affordable enough so that literally EVERY single entrepreneur who truly wants to master this medium, and truly wants to create a 6-7 figure income for themselves in the next 12 months could absolutely LEARN how to do it.

     We decided to not even make it $1500, or even $997 which would normally be the LOWEST possible price I'd ever charge for something like this (and have in the past)...  But instead, for this one time ONLY, we're going to give you access to our entire 8-week pay-per-click mastery intensive for only $497.

     I’m not kidding.  We are defying what ALL other guru’s, and people in this industry would charge to be a part of this Inner Circle. We are going to hand over the keys to the 'Money Gatemaster' that is google, and show you how to walk yourself right through the front door and into the realm of 6-7 figure earners exactly like we are...

     You can lock down your seat for this one time ONLY mentoring program both Mark and I are dedicating our hearts to for only one payment of $497 right now.

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     But not only have we made it EXTREMELY easy for anyone to purchase this elite and ridiculously under priced mentoring, but we’re taking it one step further...

     I am so utterly and ridiculously confident in this program, in fact I know with 1000% certainty that the information we’re going to be sharing with you over the next 8 weeks is SO VALUABLE it will undoubtedly change EVERY aspect of how you do business...

     I am going to make a guarantee that you simply would be INSANE to ignore, and a challenge you’d be INSANE not to take me up on.

     At the end of the next 30 days, if you’re not generating at least 25-50 NEW LEADS every single day for your business, and signing up 1-2 new distributors PER WEEK into your organization... We want to give you a 100% money back refund.


     That’s right... for any reason what so ever if you don’t think the exact action steps, and business plans we just showed you to become a TOP PRODUCER in this industry aren’t worth it 100x over... then tell us you want a refund and you’ve got it.  We don’t want your money.

     This information is STRICTLY for top class entrepreneurs who are going to use it to create results they previously they didn’t even think were possible for themselves.

     If you thought it couldn't be any easier for you to sign up right now and join us in this insanely life changing event... I've decided to create a payment option for anyone that needs to split up their tuition in two chunks.

     You can sign up today for only $277, and we’ll accept your next tuition payment in 30 days from now for only $277 as well.  That way, literally NO ONE has an excuse for why they shouldn’t be LEARNING knowledge that can set YOU free in life... from the two perfect people to teach it.

     And if I forgot to mention already... we will ONLY be doing this event one time and one time only, then we go back in the dungeons using these secrets to continue making millions

     The group of students who goes through this event with us will seriously be the 'Who's Who' of pay-per-click marketing... and this will eventually be an event looked back upon in our industry as you were either THERE... or you were one of the poor suckers who missed it.

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The 8 Week Pay-Per-Click Mastery Intensive Enrollment Form Deadline Check: Still Available

     Yes Jonathan & Mark!  I too want to experience the POWER of being a top 1% earner and feel what it’s like to have DOZENS of teammates joining me every month and amazing income coming into my life on a daily basis.

     I am ready to be a leader, and I want to experience the duplicating power of google and helping others earn more money than they thought possible with what you’re going to share with me.

     I am committed to following WORD FOR WORD your teachings,  I I am showing up ready to learn, Take my hand, and show me how to be in the top 1% of money earners...

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     Yes! I want to be one of the ELITE Pay-Per-Click Mentoring students, plus get all of the fast action bonuses for only two payments of $277 Now...

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     So my friends, I know I don’t need to beat a dead horse, or explain to you anymore WHY this is such a unique opportunity you’d be almost INSANE to skip, but I’m going to recap just one more time.

     You’re getting access to TWO proven millionaires in this industry, who went from living in their parents house and foodstamps, to less than 3 years later building some of the largest businesses existing in our industry.

     We did the vast majority of all our money through Pay-Per-Click marketing…and we are going to bring you BEHIND the scenes of our entire business model and teach you how to be a 'Rock Star' in this medium to create results like you have NOT experienced before.

     We have never taught this knowledge to the Public before, we've used it EXCLUSIVELY to do mind boggling business in this industry, and we are NEVER going to do an event like this again.  If by some chance you are not a part of this historic moment in the history of the home based business industry & pay-per-click marketing... it is more than likely you will never get the chance to learn the skillsets that create freedom at this caliber from us ever again.

     On top of it, you’ve got THOUSANDS of dollars in bonuses at your fingertips, and a guarantee that anyone would have to be crazy not to take the CHALLENGE on.

     Frankly, if you’re an entrepreneur worth your salt... You'll be combing through the first PPC mentoring class within the next few minutes, and we’ll see you inside our Inner Circle community soon there after...

     The clock is ticking as we speak. And there's no guarantee if you skip this unique chance to learn our most 'Coveted' ppc strategies... you will ever get it again.

     I will tell you this though; I have NEVER been more excited for a group of my students like this before. I truthfully know with 100% certainty that...

     We’re not just going to coach you here... we are going to hand you the most DUPLICATABLE and guaranteed way to build some of the largest businesses you CAN in our industry.

     These tactics are the bread and butter, the foundation of the most SUCCESSFUL online network marketers of today, and they are about to be completely in YOUR possession.  If you even remotely share the excitement I have for you right now, you won’t sleep TONIGHT.

     I know what it’s like to be at the precipice of massive success, knowing it's there at your fingertips but it hasn’t arrived yet.  I also know what it’s like that first month you really hit it BIG and experience what $30-50k showing up in your bank account in so little time...

     That feeling, that experience, is there for ANYONE to grab it if they really want it.  We’re going to show you exactly how we did it, starting from SCRATCH, in ways no one has ever revealed before.

     Lets just say, I am beyond EXCITED to see you in our classes, as I know this very well could be the largest play you’ve made in your life... and I don’t take that lightly.

     I will see you in our Inner Circle and can't wait for you to start diving into the classes now...

Yours In True & Utter Mastery,
Jonathan Budd & Mark Hoverson

P.S. Due to the nature of this event, the fact it's only happening once, and Mine and Mark's time is in such high demand...It is HIGHLY recommended you don’t waste another minute and you secure your tuition for the pay-per-click 8 week inner circle intensive now. If you wait any longer, there's a very good chance you will have nothing left to wait for... Click Here To Guarantee Your Tuition.

P.P.S The guarantee I’ve made you is so ridiculous I HARDLY need to talk it up.  But like I said, I am so UTTERLY confident in the procedures we’re about to hand you that I'm willing to give you 100% of your money back for any reason what so ever in the next 30 days if you don't think we just handed you quite possibly the most VALUABLE and lucrative training currently existing in the network marketing industry.

The sky is the LIMIT with these beyond cutting edge teachings, and if you don’t think the we delivered goods worth at least 100x what you paid, we don’t want your money.  But if you think a guarantee like this comes often, think again.  This is literally one of those events you might only get ONCE CHANCE to be a part of in your life, and if you want to test us out on it you have to grab your spot asap... Click Here To Secure Your Access To The Inner Circle Now.

Case Study #8, Jenn Lawlor: SKYROCKETS To Top Income Earner In Her Company, Brings Husband Home From Work, + Builds MASSIVELY Successful Team Co-op All Using Specific PPC Marketing Strategies...

Jenn Lawlor can tell you first hand just how powerful the right PPC marketing strategies are. Her endorsement means A LOT to me, because this woman is incredibly successful. After starting coaching with me in the beginning of 2008, Jenn went on to do AMAZING things in this industry.

She absolutely ROCKED her current company reaching top producer status her first 6 months, and built an ENORMOUS organization funded exclusively through PPC marketing.  Here is her story...



*Seriously folks, you can't expect to make this kind of money sitting around on the couch eating potato chips, Jenn's results are not typical, and she actually had to use her brain and do some work to achieve this success.


Case Study 9, Rob Varie: Quits Job and Goes Full Time In A Matter Of Months...

Rob is ANOTHER true testimony to the POWER of just ONE core strategy contained within this 'Formula'. After learning about our PPC marketing 'Section' of the formula... Rob went out and did EVERY single thing outlined.

Literally in a matter of MONTHS, he had grown a HUGE team in his company, was hosting company leader calls, and has made a name for himself online as a LEADER in our industry.

This is a 'Text Book' case study of what you can do when you APPLY what we teach...




*results not typical*


Case Study 10, Jamison Herdrich: Brand New Business Partner & High Ticket SaleMade Spending Only $18 In Advertising.

Jamison took just ONE of our simple strategies and turned it into 8 leads a day for a whopping .15 cents a piece.  Now that may not seem like a lot but that's an extra 240 leads a month, 2880 a year! 

After he experienced closing a high ticket sale only spending a measly $18 in advertising Jamison was blown away by how profitable our teachings really are.  Listen to his true story below...




*Jamison's story is amazing, but not typical. Unlike most lazy people, he actually did the work he was told to do in order to create his success.



The 8 Week Pay-Per-Click Mastery Intensive Enrollment Form Deadline Check: Still Available

     Yes Jonathan & Mark!  I too want to experience the POWER of being a top 1% earner and feel what it’s like to have DOZENS of teammates joining me every month and amazing income coming into my life on a daily basis.

     I am ready to be a leader, and I want to experience the duplicating power of google and helping others earn more money then they thought possible with what you’re going to share with me.

     I am committed to following WORD FOR WORD your teachings,  I I am showing up ready to learn, Take my hand, and show me how to be in the top 1% of money earners...

Click The "Add To Cart" Button To Secure Your Private Membership To The Pay-Per-Click Mastery 8-Week Intensive With One Payment Of $497.


     Yes! I want to be one of the ELITE Pay-Per-Click Mentoring students, plus get all of the fast action bonuses for only two payments of $277 Now...

Click The "Add To Cart Button" Below To Create Your Tuition For Only Two Payments Of $277.



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